Saturday, July 4, 2009

Nightmare Fuel

Ok the gun lamp isn't that frightening but it was from the same trip to Winona's Sugarloaf Antiques so I had to include it for the record.

Power Man

If I still lived in Winona

I would buy this motel and make it a super cool bed and breakfast type place filled with mid-century modern pieces of furniture and really nice interior design.  It would also have a gallery where I would show art made by the most talented people I know.  I'm not saying it would make money there, but I have always been fond of the place.

A neighborhood of note

I was in this neighborhood making a delivery a while ago and was excited to see so many post-war ramblers of the variety I do so love.  Check it out, just drive Snelling further south than Ford Parkway to where it becomes curvy and twisty and enjoy!