Saturday, April 11, 2009

Recomended Reading

Its about time for more recipes right? Well here is a favorite from my go-to book on bread-making with a bread-maker! Go get it and enjoy all of the other deliciousnesses!

excercise a go-go

Josh got me "The World Famous Pontani Sisters" work out dvd "Go-Go Robics" for my birthday two years ago. I have been admittedly less than faithful to using it because a) I hate working out and b) I feel stupid doing it in my living room with the window right by the tv and also in the dark with the shades drawn. BUT, I did find the perfect opportunity to do the workout- after eating way too much food after our annual Christmas potluck last year! Yeah I don't get why its less embarrassing to do with other fools than without. Thats just the way I work. I would post pictures but I "accidentally" erased them off my computer yesterday. Sorry but Emmy and Jessica will be thanking me for doing so. Anyway if you are looking for a good sweaty workout with lots of great dance moves like the hully gully, the Courtney Cox, and the motown check it out, gather your girlfriends and have fun!

architectural comfort food

Driving around when we were looking for our house I came across this house and instantly loved it as I do pretty much all mid-century ramblers. I finally figured out why I like them though, my parents' house has the same basic sprawling shape but with the garage underneath. Its like architectural comfort food for me.